Say it is Shannon High School and houses the Birdville Museum.

These photos were taken at the dedication of the Birdville Cemetery historical marker in 1975. Many descendants of Birdville, Grapevine, & Colleyville families were present. The cemetery is one of the oldest in Tarrant County with the first burial taking place in 1851.

The first congregation of Birdville Baptist Church met in 1853. This building was built on Carson Street in the early 1930’s.

Guynn’s Sporting Goods and Furniture Store. The store was located on the corner of Carson and Belknap in Haltom City, across from the old Haltom High School (now H.D. Shannon Center).

The Log Cabin Restaurant specialized in southern fried chicken and was located at the intersection of Denton Highway and Belknap Street. It was a local landmark until the intersection was reconfigured in the early 1960s.

Barber Clarence Cobb cut hair in Smithfield for nearly 55 years. The customer in the picture is Ford Reynolds. The photo was taken July 8, 1975.

Johnny Rumfield and Jimmy Ray Scott pose in the spring of 1947 in front of the B.C. Redding Store which was on Main Street in Smithfield. Johnny served in the Army Air Corps and was known as “Rumfield from Smithfield”.

The photo to the immediate left is the only  known picture of the original “downtown” Birdville.  The center of town was located at what is now the intersection of Carson Street and Broadway Avenue in Haltom City.

Members of the community gather to dedicate the marker designating the location of the original Tarrant County Courthouse. 

Birdville Historical Society

Birdville School District was the first public school district in Tarrant County. It grew from one-room, borrowed space in churches to a K – 12th grade central school building to a district comprised of several buildings focused on elementary, junior high and high school aged students.