Birdville Historical Society
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How To Join The Birdville Historical Society

The Birdville Historical Society (BHS) cordially invites you to join in preserving Birdville's place in history. Birdville has a very meaningful and colorful past which dates back to 1840. Join the society in preserving and promoting this exciting history.


In order to promote and preserve Birdville's history, BHS has targeted the following goals:


~ Present "Birdville Historians" on HCTV and establish a video library of historians


~ Print a BHS quarterly newsletter, "The Birdville Historian"


~ Collect Birdville memorabilia


~ Restore properties pertaining to Birdville's history


~ Locate and possibly purchase a site for the Birdville History Museum


~ Collect data for a book on rock structures of the Birdville area


How To Become A Member


If you would like to become a member of the Birdville Historical Society, please fill out a form on the Contact Us page but DO NOT hit the Submit button. Print out the form and send it to the address located below. In the Comments portion please fill in the amount enclosed for the membership dues.

Remember, your membership dues and cash donations are tax deductible!

You will be helping to preserve the history of the Birdville area with your membership.


Lifetime Membership

Diamond Lifetime ~ $1000.00

Ruby Lifetime ~ $750.00

Sapphire Lifetime ~ 500.00


Yearly Membership

Individual One Year ~ $15.00

Couple One Year ~ $25.00


Please print out the Contact Us page and mail it with your dues or donation to:


Birdville Historical Society

P.O. Box 14246

Haltom City, Texas 76117


***If you have any questions about joining, please contact us at