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A.G. Walker was an early land surveyor and a Birdville civic leader. The Walker tract of land became what are now Jack Estes, Calloway Acres, and Parchman additions
Barber Clarence Cobb cut hair in Smithfield for nearly 55 years. The customer in the picture is Ford Reynolds. The photo was taken July 8, 1975.
Haltom City Fire Chief Bill Davis in the mid-1960s.
Harold Taft was a television weatherman for Channel 5 for many years. He signed on with WBAP-TV (now KXAS) in 1948 and worked there until his death in 1991.
Lon Bailey, early Birdville businessman. In 1904 he moved to Ft. Worth, where he was appointed Postmaster by Theodore Roosevelt in 1906.
Mary Ann Foster Leonard (1822-1904) at her Birdville home. She married Archibald F. Leonard in 1939. He had a store on his land near old Main St. before 1850. The Leonard family moved to Birdville, where they organized a church, in 1864.
The first congregation of Birdville Baptist Church met in 1853. This building was built on Carson Street in the early 1930's.
Birdville Baptist Church, Haltom City, July 1975. The Fossil Creek Church, located on the corner of Carson and Walker streets in Birdville (Haltom City) was founded in 1853 and changed its name to Birdville Baptist Church in 1917.
Birdville Methodist Church built in 1930 later became St. Luke's United Methodist Church, 3200 Denton Highway.
Diamond Oaks Church of God, Haltom City, built in 1939.
Smithfield Baptist Church was founded in 1895. Tired of traveling to Birdville, a group of residents agreed to form a local congregation. This building is from the early 1900's.
Smithfield Baptist Church, 1950. This church was organized by 12 charter members in 1895; the Rev. G.W. Green served as first Pastor. A sanctuary was built here in 1902 on town lots donated by G.W. Gunter. The congregation established Shady Grove Baptist Church in 1954. The church was renamed First Baptist Church of Smithfield in 1958. A new sanctuary was built in 1962.
Possibly home of James M. Barkley who was Postmaster of Grapevine from 1889-1893.
In 1940 this dairy farm was in the country. It is now the location for the Hudiburg Chevrolet complex, located at Grapevine Highway (Highway 26) and Davis Blvd.
Along Denton Highway, rusticated cast stone columns and wrought iron entrance gates, constructed in 1930, are on axis with Stanley-Keller Road, and form an impressive entrance to the estate's spacious grounds.
The symmetrical composition of the frame two-story house features a five-bay facade punctuated by a front entry with a broken pediment. Shuttered french doors surround the front door, and shuttered second-story windows are set on either side of a central balcony with French Doors. A massive two-story full porch with Tuscan columns screens the facade, flanked by a columned porte-cochere on the west and a sun room on the east. Chimneys on both gable end walls and three dormer windows on the roof completed this balanced composition. Haltom chose Joseph R. Pelich, an important Fort Worth architect known for his period revival structures, to design this house in the Gregorian Classical mode. Two other houses on the property were built for Haltom's sons, including a smaller Gregorian Revival house also by Pelich, but are no longer extant.
This is another view of the G.W. Haltom estate built in 1936. For the full history of the estate, please view 'G.W. Haltom Estate.'
Ben F. Andrews, a farmer, moved to the area between present day Onyx Dr. S. and Glenview in the 1850's. When his first wife, Mary Ray Andrews, died, he married Caroline Burgoon from a prominent Grapevine family. His grave is in the Birdville Cemetery.
This gazebo was built in 2004 at Birdville Cemetery. It will be used for funerals and other gatherings and dedications at the cemetery.
Birdville Cemetery. The members of the Birdville Cemetery Association maintain the cemetery. Most have family members that are buried in the cemetery. Members Richard (Dick) Melbourne, Lloyd Booth, & Guy Reeves stand by their family gravestones. This picture was taken during the historical marker dedication in 1975.
Birdville, Cemetery, 1975. The Birdville Cemetery Association was organized in 1917 and re-chartered in 1967. The site now encompasses seven acres.
This is a picture of the Birdville Cemetery historical marker dedication in 1975. Many descendants of Birdville, Grapevine, & Colleyville families were present.
This photo was taken at the dedication of the Birdville Cemetery historical marker in 1975.
Johnny Rumfield and Jimmy Ray Scott pose in the spring of 1947 in front of the B.C. Redding Store which was on Main Street in Smithfield. Johnny served in the Army Air Corps and was known as "Rumfield from Smithfield".
Cynthia Orr stands in front of her dad's pharmacy, October 1958. The building was originally a short-lived 7-Eleven store on Grapevine Highway.
Couch's Store, Colleyville. Before 1916. George Washington Couch (1858 - 1935) opened this store in 1914. When it was established it was the only general store between Grapevine and Birdville. Mr. Couch sold a variety of goods including wash tubs, bridle bits, ice, and all types of produce.
This cash grocery, owned by D.H. Hatchett, was one of the first in the Birdville area. Hatchett sold this store to M.H. Portwood sometime between 1912 and 1918.
Location of Father's Mill & Crusher, July 1975. Near Bewley and Broadway in Birdville.
Guynn's Sporting Goods and Furniture Store. The store was located on the corner of Carson and Belknap in Haltom City, across from the old Haltom High School (now H.D. Shannon Center).
Tax Collector's Office, Birdville. Originally built for a rent house by William N. Bewley in 1927.
Entrance to Haltom City city hall in the 1950's.
Haltom City Fire Equipment in front of City Hall in the 1960's. Text below photo reads: Haltom City Equipment - L. to R.: 42 Chev. 4 wheel drive, 1100 gallon tank, 150 gpm pump, 50 Ford, 550 gallon gpm, 400 gallon booster tank, Cheif O. D. Stowe. - Photo by Pat Sneed
Northeast Tarrant County Chamber of Commerce. The Greater Richland Area Chamber of Commerce was chartered on December 23, 1957. Jack Bean was the first president. Within weeks the name was changed to the Haltom-Richland Chamber of Commerce. During the 1980's the chamber adopted its current name and moved to 5001 Denton Highway. The chamber supports business in Haltom City, North Richland Hills, Richland Hills, and Watauga.