Birdville Historical Society

Local volunteers, following the lead of long-time resident Betty Porter, founded the Birdville Historical Society in 1996 and have continued collecting and preserving photos and artifacts for the purpose of educating residents about the history of the Birdville Settlement, the oldest in Northeast Texas. To that end, the Birdville Independent School District donated space in a building at the site of the original Birdville School, and in 2011, the Birdville Museum was born.

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Run entirely by volunteers, the Birdville Museum, 6030 Walker St., Haltom City, is open 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesday - Friday. We will close for summer 2017 beginning June 1. 

Opened in May 2011

A huge thank you to all who donated to the Birdville Historical Society and Museum during North Texas Giving Day. Due to your generosity, we have increased our treasury by $900. This includes an anonymous $300 match from a local supporter.


Established in 1996

We preserve history

Worth A Thousand Words

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By becoming a member, you can help us sustain our efforts to collect and exhibit artifacts and to educate others about the Birdville Settlement and the original Tarrant County Seat.